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You will find here a detailed photo and a description of the curves that are available on our e-shop!

P92, P29, P19, E3 - Sakic, Crosby, Ovechkin

Most popular pattern in the game of hockey.

For puck control, quick release, and firing shots.
Easton: (E3) Hall
Formally: Sakic, P3

Bauer: (P92) Ovechkin
Formally: Backstrom, Naslund

CCM: (P29) Crosby
Formally: (P19) Nugent- Hopkins, Ovechkin
Pro: P90, H11A, P19

Warrior: (W03) Backstrom
Formally: Henrique, Kopitar, Draper, Toews

Sher-Wood: (PP92) Trouba

- Curve: Mid
- Lie: 5.5 - 6
- Depth: 12mm 1/2"
- Face: Open
- Toe: Round

P28, W28, E28 - McDavid, Giroux, Yakupov

Fastest growing pattern in hockey.

Sometimes considered the elite players curve.

For keeping the puck on the toe, quick release, and extreme precision and accuracy.
Easton: (P28) Open Toe
Formally: Kreps

Bauer: (P28) Giroux
and (P14) Toews

CCM: (P28) McDavid
and (P46) Landeskog
Formally: (P46) Bergeron
Pro: P49 = Bauer's Toews

Warrior: (W28) Yakupov

- Curve: Toe
- Lie: 5 - 6
- Depth: 12mm 1/2"
- Face: Open
- Toe: Round

Conclusions: If you like toe dragging and going top shelf this is the curve for you.

P08, P25, P20 - "old" Ovechkin

P08 is a bit similar as the P92 but with a bit more closed head. In reality it means that the P08 have the same qualities as the P92 but with a bit more grip on the puck for greater puck control but with a tendency to shoot a bit higher. So if you are an attacker that likes to shoot close to goal, this blade would be a great choice.

PM9, P14 - Stamkos, Duchene

The most modest amount of curve.

Allows for more blade on the ice.

For handling the puck, and shooting forehand and back.
Easton: (E4) Cammalleri
Formally: (P4), Zetterberg

Bauer: (PM9) Stamkos
Formally: Malkin, Modano

CCM: (P42) Duchene
Formally: Couturier, Hedman

Warrior: (W01) Lupal
Formally: Burrows, Savard, Federov

Sher-Wood: (PP96) Bouchard

- Curve: Mid-Heel
- Lie: 4.5 - 5
- Depth: 9mm 3/8"
- Face: Closed
- Toe: Round

P91, P6, W05 - Drury, Staal

Most popular heel curve.

Has a rounded toe and open face.

For shooting off the heel, heavy shots, going top shelf, and for deflections.
Easton: (E6) Parise
Formally: Drury

Bauer: (P91A) Staal

CCM: (P15) Jones
Formally: (P15) Galchenyuk, (P36) Phaneuf
Pro: P15, H15, H19

Warrior: (W05) Granlund Formally: Kovalev

Sher-Wood: (PP20) DR

- Curve: Heel
- Lie: 5 - 6
- Depth: 1/2"
- Face: Open Wedge
- Toe: Round

Conclusions: This curve is great for players who like to get dirty in front of the net or a defenseman who want a curve for easy clearing. Definitely not for beginners so know what you’re getting into with the P91A.

P02 - Getzlaf, Lindstrom

Similar Curves: Easton Lidstrom, Warrior Jovanowski/Lidstrom, Reebok Phaneuf (P32), Sherwood Lidstrom, CCM Lecavlier, Mission Hainsey/McCauley

Description: Deep heel curve with an open face and square toe. Blade length - Long

Advantages: This curve has many features that benefit defensemen. The square toe is excellent for pulling pucks off the boards that have been rung by forwards. The long length is excellent for getting the puck deep, as well as shooting one-timers and poke-checking. Long blades like this one are also good for getting the puck on net quickly. Lastly, the P02 curve is great for slappers.

Drawbacks: Most players prefer a round toe for pulling off moves (toe-drag etc). This is also a pretty big curve, which makes passing and shooting on the backhand difficult.

Bottom Line: This curve is great for defensemen. The long length and square toe will have you playing D like Nik Lidstrom.