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FlexLite Technology

Flexlite technology

The new revolutionary FlexLite hockey repair method.

The methods we use to repair the sticks have improved over time, initially we used SRS, a patented technology from the US which left sticks 70-100 grams heavier.  Now we have developed our `technology Flexlite´ system, enabling us to offer a stick only up to 30 grams heavier and with comparable features. 

Play as Profi players with the highest hockey models available on the market.

The Flexlite repair stick is harder by 10-30 grams depending on the location of the repair, but it retains perfectly perfect balance - almost like the new one, but the flex of sticks is almost not changing!

There is no solid or full body inside the hole, but the hollow FlexLite insert and therefore the stick remains light, balanced with a long life - and with a lifetime warranty on the repaired location!

On top of this, we offer a lifetime guarantee on the repaired part and addition, we add a 7-Day guarantee to any hidden defect of our repaired Sticks!

We have been developing our FlexLite repair method for less than a year so we can fully switch from our well-known shaft repair system (SRS) to our repair system.

FlexLite is a modern method where the stick is repaired exactly by the material from which it is made. We know the technology of the hockey process and therefore we can use the know-how even when repairing hockey sticks!

Be also yourself  our satisfied customers who have already used our repaired hockey sticks and experience what it is like to have the best repaired stick.


Please note that hockey sticks were used, damaged and subsequently repaired with our own repair technology FlexLite, which is not approved by the manufacturer, nor does the manufacturer agree with the repair. The refurbished stick has different properties than the original one. The repaired stick is a product sold under the Repairdsticks.com brand and it is made from the remains of broken sticks of the original manufacturer.

FlexLite - picture before and after

This is photo how does it looks before and after smoothly pressing FlexLite technology into the stick.