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What to do if I break a stick in a repaired part?

If a customer breaks our stick in a repaired part, we provide a lifetime warranty. Simply send an email to info@repairedsticks.com. And write down your name and when the stick was ordered. We will search for everything and we will contact you by email. We have 30 days to settle the complaint. We will try to solve everything in the shortest possible time!

What if I break the stick in a different place than it is fixed?

On the stick we provide a 7 day guarantee (after delivering) for anything - cracks elsewhere, a blade blasted, whatever.

If the stick breaks after this time limit, we can not claim it.

How to proceed with a complaint?

Ideally, send us an e-mail to info@repairedsticks.com (photo, order number, order day). We'll look up and let you know.