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What is a repaired hockey stick?

Repairedsticks refers to "repaired sticks" as top end carbon composites pro stock hockey sticks that are otherwise in excellent condition and repaired using an internal shaft process to successfully fuse the two portions of the shaft back together.

I got my stick and it was a custom color or had someone else's name on it?

Pro sticks are highly sought after because they are an built better and with more quality control. Therefore most pro sticks come with either the players name on it or the pattern number. Also sometimes manufactorer makes their sticks in custom team colors. These are extremely difficult to get and very popular, but although many people would love for us to list our sticks based on players, colors or teams, it would require much more work, make it more difficult to find the right stick, and ultimately lead to higher prices. 

How much does the repair affect the performance of the stick?

Of course, changes after the FlexLite technology repair will come up. The weight gain is from 15 to 30 grams - depending on the location of the repair. Also the flex will change and increase - about 1-5 flex points (depending on the location of repair).

What is your guarantee?

For each hockey stick repaired by FlexLite technology we provide a lifetime warranty for the place of repair.

In addition, we have a 7 day guarantee for anything. When our stick breaks within 7 days from delivery, we take it as a hockey defect (cracks in shaft or blade that have not been uncovered) and the customer will receive a new hockey sticks free free of chage.

What is the lenght after repair?

Senior hockey stick after FlexLite repair has a minimum length of 156cm. The hockey stick can be extended with a wooden pin so guaranteed minimum length is reached.

How much it affect for flex?

The flex of hockey sticks after repairing is about 1 - 5 point higher depending on place of repair. 

Is a repaired stick as durable as a new stick?

Durability of a stick depends as much  as it depends on the external circumstances of usage, such as aggressiveness of the game, physical properties of the playinground and the players' style/knowledge. We are checking all the sticks that they are in good shape to sell. 

But even thorough inspection sometines cannot detect hidden structural/production defects, so to safeguard our customers from such occurances, we offer a 7 days warranty for our repaired sticks on top of the life-time warranty for the repair itself.

Do you ship internationaly?

We ship to all the countries of the European Union using the economic GLS ground shiping service as well as international shipping. If you are interested in shipping the products to any other destination. please send us an email (info@repairedsticks.com) with details and we will organize the shipment to you.

How long does it take to receive repaired stick?

We are sending our repaired sticks by company GLS - economy and the shipment is from Czech republic. It is depend to which country is it going. 

You will also recieve a tracking number after shipment is sent. 

Payment methods

We accept only payment in advance by paypall or by on-line payment. After payment, sticks are immediatelly packed and next working day shipped.